Reviews for "Zelda UO: Episode 1"

Not bad. It didn't feel like a whole lot happened, but it was a fun flash anyway.

Here's what I liked:
-Background art was very pretty.
-The music was fitting.
-Most audio was alright.
-There were some funny moments.

Here's what I didn't:
-Some of the anatomy looked odd, particularly Saria's running in the forest.
-Diggs voice was a little hard to understand at times (I shouldn't NEED subtitles to understand someone speaking English, but in this case I did), and his lines weren't delivered with much enthusiasm.
-The flashback with Mido was confusing, I honestly couldn't tell what happened or why it would make Mido mad.
-Why was Diggs the only character whose name showed up as question marks when he spoke. Saria had already mentioned him in the previous scene so it wasn't hard to figure out who this character was. And when you did officially introduce him there was nothing significant about that moment. In my opinion you should have simply put his name there from the start if you weren't going to do anything with the reveal.
-Not much happened. It felt like more time was spent on a game of tag than moving the plot forward. As a result there's not really anything that grips me and makes me eager to find out what happens next.

Try to give some sort of plot hook in the future. It's good to establish your hero's goal as quickly as possible. Even if it's only a piece of it you should hint at what direction the series will take. Aside from Link having something come up with Mido I don't really know what's coming down the road. If I were to base my expectations of this series on this episode I'd assume that this will be a slice-of-life series about Link's everyday chores and such which is, to be brutally honest, not something I'm excited to see.

This was awesome.

Please let me confirm the awesomeness of this flash by just saying that frogd3mon (the 3-star reviewer a couple posts below this one) is a fucking moron.

TO be honest, i was afraid this was going on permant Hitaus. Glad to see that is is not the case. Love the updated look. and the minor changes in the script really add to the works. I look foward to see if you will be redoing/continuing the series. the pitch that Seagull used for the faries I think is a bit too high. that or the effect you used for them was set to high. that was the only thing i could have found wrong with it. but that's just one mans opionin.

...You're remaking them? well five stars either way

I could've sworn that i've seen this before. A little more polished up and fine tuned, but same script as before. lets see episode two now!! good luck!!!