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Reviews for "Randobot"

Though the concept was really unique and refreshing, it became clear very early (in level 3 for me) that it doesn't really work. At some point the game became just ramming the down key in the hope that it works, and it didn't, so I died. It became a game of luck rather than a game of skill, which doesn't work.

However, it is great that you pushed the boundaries of game design this way, and even though it didn't really work out (at least in my eyes) I highly encourage you to keep doing so, because something truly unique and awesome is just waiting to be found!

Conceptually hilarious.

It was fun, the erratic controls. The one touch deaths were ok, it added a lot of challenge and some strategy. The one thing this game could have used is checkpoints. I didn't like having to start all over when I failed. other than that, good job.

3.5stars because at the end of the day, commands not being accepted is annoying. Period.
It can be quirky, it can be intended, but when gamers want to control their character they expect it to work. We are far too familiar with commands not being accepted due to lag or game bugs, and to have it reproduced isn't fun, it's as frustrating as the unintended games.
But when you get past the game mechanic, and realize you can upgrade your character to reduce the failure, it is bearable enough to play the game. It's fun enough to play through, but far too short and too easy to warrant anything over 3 stars.
So in short,
Bugs are annoying, intended or not
Game is too short
Game is too easy

But you obviously have talent enough to make a great game in the future. Keep trying.

Its a good idea but Im not fun.