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Reviews for "Randobot"

beautiful concepts scary monsters and nice sprites

Really fun game. I enjoyed it, and didn't find the control or upgrade scheme too annoying. The only time I had to 're-tweak' my upgrades was when I realized I needed the jetpack right away to get all of the energy in hard mode and I certainly never spent an hour on any level. I thought the defective robot was a clever idea, and though it was at times annoying when it seemed to fail the odds and cause you to die I doubt anyone complained when chance favored them and they got a string of bullets or good jetpack runs when they only had 10% chance.

One thing I did notice was that after I saved the universe a second time even though it showed the medal in game Newgrounds didn't catch it. So I don't know if that is a problem with the medal itself or what. All of the others transferred just fine. Oh well, at least I got fireworks the second time.

And another thing. I don't know if you have the hard mode stuff linked to a users newgrounds account, but I was able to enter it on a different computer by pressing H even though the menu option did not show up. I wonder if that could be the reason the medal didn't show properly? Sad.

Anyhow fun game with an interesting concept I thought it was well worth playing through twice for the medals and alternate ending. Keep up the good work. 5/5 and 4.5 stars.

VascoF responds:

I don't think the medal problem was an error on my end, maybe some kind of a connection problem?

Yeah I left the hard key always enabled, but that shouldn't have affected the medals. I changed that now just in case.

Thanks for the review.

Very interesting. I upgraded my movements first before anything of course. And you could definitely tell the difference between 95% working and 100% working. Really a change of platforming.

Great game but i wish it had checkpoints :/

This game, though annoying, beautifully attacks it's premise.

In the beginning, having the jump and left-right glitch out often got me killed, but if you're smarts enough to collect all the energy pellets, that becomes a non-issue fairly quickly. You'll also want to pick up crouch and max it early on as well. Shooting and jet pack can actually go absolutely last, as you use those the least, and very rarely actually put you in a situation through which you can die if it glitches out (even chasms, usually you only need it to work once).

So when the robot glitches out (which it did. VERY frequently), I found myself mashing the button to make it work. Often times, I end up mashing it so quickly that it ends up working, but I let up on the key and I'm back to glitch land while the robot stands there and gets shot. The game encourages quick, but precise concentration. Letting up on that crouch after you finally made it work can mean death for you.

At the end, assuming you collect all the energy pellets, the last level becomes purely about player skill. It's a nice little touch, and I'd actually love to see a sequel with all of this skill implemented (and not probability on whether you die or not). The controls felt pristine (well, as pristine as they can be. They were intentionally clunky for the sake of glitching), and the robot felt like I was in control, even when I saw sparks instead of movement. No sliding, or anything that felt difficult to hold.

The game appears to be relatively bug free, but the hard mode medals did not award to me. It awarded them in game, but it did not show up as on my medals I had gotten below. Slight annoyance, but I can live with it.

Also, Hard Mode isn't much harder than the Normal Mode. The prime difference is that there are far far more purple enemies to fight, and you can level up anything from the start (even jet pack). The scientist has pretty good dialog I think, and I imagine a nerdy voice saying it as if going through notes to himself. In his mind. :>

For the sake of competition, it'd be a nice touch to add a timer for each mission (or playthrough) and put it on a leaderboard. It'd also be nice to see a small hud maybe on the lower right or left with a DD roll to determine the chance. So it shows the roll number, and if the roll number is higher than the probability, it fails. Else, it succeeds. Just an aesthetic.

4.5/5 Would play again. :D