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Reviews for "Randobot"

Nice concept! It wasn't fully explored or fleshed out, but man was this game fun to play around with.

I don't want to give five stars because I really wanted to rescue some kittens.

VascoF responds:

Maybe next time :)

Great game offering another perspective of the game ! Not all games are like this one is made deliberately and that's innovative and can remove (for some people ^^) the pain of losing by luck. Though the music is appropriate, I don't like it, that's why I went for a 4.5 :p.
But great idea :D.

Works on Firefox just fine for me. Don't know what huinzebua's situation is.

The glitchy controls we actually not that frustrating and a nice touch. However the one-touch deaths were veryy frustrating. Several times I would be almost done with a level and had to start over! >_< Over all I liked it & you did a good job!

Its realy nice, i like the idea pretty much and the different dificulty ... 4,5 :)