Reviews for "Randobot"


A pretty fun game, if a little frustrating at times (like the mission just after you get crouch and the game places a shooting enemy right in front of you.)

Some tips for anyone having trouble:

- Enemies only shoot at you if they can see you, but your bullets can hit off-screen targets. Try to snipe enemies from afar.

- If you're trying to make a jump then make sure you only start pressing Left/Right AFTER you press jump, this way if the movement command fails you'll just land where you were (there are one or two jumps where you'll need to run & jump though)

a little annoying and boring


The game was exeptional! This game awakens the thought of how bad it is to not walk, jump, or shoot correctly. I sincerely love this game and I think its worth playing. Its like saying: "If you wanna walk, shoot or jump, your gonna have to work for it!" Loved the game.