Reviews for "Randobot"

If Randobot had normal controls, it wouldn't have been anything special--good platformers are dime a dozen on the Internet--but the emphasis on probability generates tension and keeps the player on his toes, forcing him to take the best of bad options. In this way, it's remarkably unique. I can only give four stars because the game IS frustrating/erratic. Though it's intentionally part of the game design, I always have an overhanging desire for stability...

Deceptively simple, but not easy. The random factor has cost me many lives and had me cursing at the keyboard. In good way however, it's so much more satisfying when you finally do get upgraded.
I do wish one could go through the game at max capacity, just for larks. (This may be possible, I don't yet know, as I haven't finished the game in hard mode) All in all a satisfying platformer, with all the build in frustrations that such a game requires. Classic.

Its realy nice, i like the idea pretty much and the different dificulty ... 4,5 :)

the movements are so random

Very fun game. I pulled my hair out until I was bald too. :P Oh, and here is a good idea, maybe sometimes the robot can just do the opposite of what you told it to sometimes? Like, you say "Jump!" and the robot crouches. Just an idea.