Reviews for "Randobot"

Very enjoyable and well made.

Really nice game, the controls are perfect (well, when they're supposed to be perfect). Love the ending.

Really enjoyed it. Very cool game.

This is realy brilliant.

Full subjectively written review:
The pillar of the gameplay is the next: Controls are random. Through the story explained it like the robot is not yet finished, but we need to save humanity etc., so you if you try to go right/left/jump/whatever, it could happen... or not. By collecting blue points through the levels, you actually upgrade the percentage probability of robot's body parts to obey your input commands(!). If it wasn't for the random controls, this game wouldn't be absolutely anything special, but with the key feature of the game, it achieves to be super annoying. Some people may like this for being original, but I personally disagree with anyone who say that it is fun. It reminds me of dealing with an old, broken, multiple virus-infected Windows 95, which I don't like to do. The graphics are good, and so is the music.