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Reviews for "Robot Adventure 2"

I dont really liked it
This 8bit style is not as polished at some other great games. I d say it lacks a little bit of artistic genius. It also lacks a bit of polish. I dont feel the hitbox of my guy, and the jumps are fuzzy, i cant master the movment correcly. Maybe it lags a bit
Music gets seriously repetitive
And the game seems to be running very slowly, maybe its my computer.
And well, its a platformer, with tough jumps etc. There isnt enough new stuff to eat :)

3 stars for the good realisation, i d give more if something impressed me

I thought this game was a decent adventure. I think though that it should be easier to control your jumps and I thought you should of made the levels a little easier so you wouldn't make it easier everytime and it would stay the same each time you die. Those things did cost you a star. But otherwise good music, nice grapics and great timewaster. good job

lartar responds:

Thanks for your review.

Due the great perfomance of the game, in the next version we make, we will put a lot of effort on balance the different levels.

Other option, is after die give the user the chance get the level easier or not.

Have fun!

If you're looking for NES nostalgia this is great, but it's a little tricky to control the height of your jumps. To make it go full height is easy but the low to mid height jumps are very difficult, but maybe I just suck at it. I don't care for the way obstacles disappear after each death, by the time I get to the end of each stage its less satisfying than it should be because half the traps are gone.

Bom jogo.

Espero que você possa corrigir os erros nele.

I like the story and graphic (video). I am no big fan of old NES-style games ... but hey ... i guess there are some guys out there who love it.
I relly love, that level get easier once you die. BUT there are a lot of glitches, where i get pushed into lava eventhough i was waiting for my ride or i fall through ground while my enemy is able to walk onto it. It might be intended, but I (as player) didn´t get it, so that it looks to me as if its a bug (Talking about Lvl 2 and 3)

Anyway ... good graphic music was ok too.

lartar responds:


Thanks for your feedback, i will check on the bug you reported. ;)