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Reviews for "Robot Adventure 2"

i can walk through walls, ceillings and the floor while enemies are able to walk on the ground. weird. some upgrades like a double jump (or a higher jump), stronger rockets or a faster fire rate would be helpful.

i did not even touch an enemie but i died...and why is there no "collect all gears"-medal? or one where you have to beat a level without dieing?

lartar responds:


Thanks for your reply and feedback. The badges will be added, and we take notice for the upcoming version of the game, for sure we make a lot of upadtes and check the engine to avoid bugs.

Buen juego me jugandolo, solo le veo unos pequeños detalles para corregir cuando estas en alguna plataforma no tienes mucha visión de abajo y no se puede saber con exactitud cuando es seguro saltar y cuando no, Lo que hacer es como se presiona la tecla "Abajo" la pantalla se desplace hacia abajo otorgándote mas visión para poder saltar sobre otras plataformas o simplemente para saber si es seguro o no saltar.

Ese es mi pequeño detalle pero la verdad me gusto mucho el juego :D

lartar responds:

Muchas gracias por tu comentario, sin duda lo tendremos en consideracion.

IT would get a higher score except any game that makes me constantly take my hands off the keyboard to use the mouse to go to the next level stasrts off with only a 3 star rating. It is just too easy to allow space or enter to be Next, and should be obvious that it is preferable to mouse only control for the menus.

Glitched as hell, everyone, click the space ship after going through level 1 and you will go to final boss.

lartar responds:

Hi, Thanks was for the update today. Fixed

Not a bad game, but I've certainly seen better games in this style.
I think the coding is to blame here, it doesn't cover many of the possibilities of user interaction.
Also I think you skipped the testing phase during game development.
The music was alright - classic 8 bit style.
It was somewhat challenging , not too much.
You included medals, those were essential.

Now for the improvements-
The hitboxes really need to be calibrated especially with the crushing pistons.
The animation was really simple, you should make more vibrant animations.
The disappearing traps, as everyone pointed out already.
Shockingly, i clicked on the little space ship in the level select menu after completing 3 levels and it took me to the final battle.

This is an average platformer that could have been made a lot better with careful coding and testing. I hope the next version is better.
Best of luck!

lartar responds:


Thank you so much for your feedback. After the numer of plays and the feedback, we will make a new version of the game. This game was made long time ago, and was not released for some issues with the sponsor.

We will improve it and take your feedback to make a better game.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know.