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Reviews for "Robot Adventure 2"

Good game but some bad things about it....
1. When ever I die with the volume off, the volume comes off even though it says "Volume Off"
2. When I die from spikes, or robots they aren't there any more so it makes the game easy when dead.
3. Too easy to die, at least make it 3 lives or something.

I really did not care for this. It was mostly because it was too easy to die. I do have to give you credit for having the levels get easier, which is a cool idea. It's just that you should have a means of defense against the enemies. The medals didn't even show up on the screen! Anyway, it's still nice to see some interesting designs.

The music is fine and fits the mood well. It was weird how you just exploded from hitting a robot. The hidden places are harder than I thought. This really does make you want to advance, if only to try to understand the game more. In that sense, it's at least playable.

Control is jamming!!! No one can play this!!!

Pretty good game but I found a small glitch. Once I died and the level gets somewhat easier, I also start clipping through some platforms. I had that in level 2,3 and 4. And level 4 was most hilarious because I kept clipping through the floor into my black doom of nothingness.

This is a very interesting and addicting game! Great job! :)