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Reviews for "Robot Adventure 2"

This is one of the first games that I just quit almost instantly.
I died several times even in the tutorial level. In the second level, I knew this just wasn't going to be my game.

- The controls felt rather annoying. My main issue was the jumps. I really had a hard time estimating how high I would jump based on how long I pressed the up button.
- When I tried to get used to this, to my dismay it appeared that after dying, the obstacle I died to was removed from the game. I think this might be a glitch, but it's the most annoying thing I ever encountered in a game o.O. How am I supposed to have a challenge or get used to the controls when the levels vanish?
- A "look down" option would be very handy.

After dying in lvl 2 a couple of times (on purpose a couple of times, trying to see how everything interacts) and finding that my robot guy was pretty slow, sluggish and responded rather inconsistently to my impression, I just quit this game.

Get rid of the levels get easier thing for dying. I agree with HareTrinity, on every point mind you, but one of the most annoying things in this game is the loading screen. It hurts my eyes and makes me feel epileptic. Not to mention most platforming games in the flash format don't have or even need a loading screen to refer to after you die, they just reset everything on the level instantly at their point of origin. Pretty nice huh?

So in this review I want to cover things HareTrinity didn't.

- Less loading screens. (Covered already.)
- More pleasing feel and look to the game. Loading screens weren't things that had an unpleasant look to them. The level select and levels themselves had very ugly designs. The most pleasant thing to look at was the loading screen and the main protagonist.
- Why can I name my character? This feels purposeless because I don't care about highscores. If we wanted our highscores shown just give the ability to submit them under a name instead of always having us choose a name every time the gameis reopened.
- No WASD support (or the dvorak's equivalent). If you can program a "how to play" chart you can program support for other key alternatives, or better yet: Rebindable keys!
- No mention of the ability to control game quality. (It is accessed by right clicking with the mouse.)

For those of you reading this review I recommend reading HareTrinity's take. It covers this in better depth and I feel he made most of the points I wanted to make.

I really liked this game, at least I did. While there are a few nit-picks, my biggest problem is the inconsistency when playing the same levels over, mainly the walk through walls. In one level they're there to collect some out of place gears, next time I play they're solid. Then in another part, you fall through the floor making it impossible to get out, yet it's not there when I reload the level. Beyond frustrating. Hopefully, you'll fix these bugs because I love a good platformer, just not when they're broken.

Medals for dying...sounds like my sort of game

Absolutely horrid little game. You can have half a star for the graphics but the rest was just nasty. I don't mean "difficult" either, dying on bare floors and when I'm not touching anything: That reflects badly on the game's MAKER, not the player!

- Some jump-based levels early on so that the player can get used to it without repeatedly dying.
- Add in a "look down" ability or shrink the screen: It's ridiculous that you need to die to find out what's three blocks below you.
- Add in a "look down" ability, shrink the screen, and/or make the stats take up less room: Less awkward for climbing.
- Get rid of the "easier level once you die" thing: It's patronising and ultimately unhelpful since it stops you being able to learn how to pass certain obstacles (e.g. spike arrangements) early on. Add checkpoints instead.
- If you must do the "easier level once you die" thing: DO IT PROPERLY! Have the robots disappear after a while and no more invisible walls, exploding in mid-air, being carried about by unseen platforms or dying on a normal floor!
- Pixels have to touch before something kills you: It took me a while to work out the robotic pillars killed me since I was just exploding in mid-air. Also, I kept dying when I clearly wasn't touching the robot, not even the imaginary square surrounding it.
- Just about everything needs to move faster: You, the robots, and ESPECIALLY the platforms!
- The medals are too generous: Make the game more playable and throw in some "max trophies, "max gears" and such.
- If I do need to do more than merely complete all the levels before I can fight the boss it should SAY SO. Not just in the opening (assuming it does say it there) but on the screen too for those who skipped the dull intro.
- Opening scene: Words were far too slow and trying to speed them up skipped the entire thing. Worst of all, I get the feeling that's where it would tell me why I can't select the boss fight even though I've passed all the levels. Still, I have all the other medals and so it's no big loss.
- Lastly: Make. The game. Fun.