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Reviews for "Robot Adventure 2"

Love the game, even if it is a little glitchy! How on earth do you get the jetpack medal though - is the boss hiding somewhere!

I dont understand how you get to the final boss did you just completely disable the boss fight when you tried to fix it? No one has beaten the whole game since 2012...

The game was extremely horrible.
The most annoying thing is that despite muting the sound, it unmutes wherever you die.
Otherwise, HareTrinity's review points out everything there is to point.

To get jetpack - you need to beat the 12 level with 0 deaths. Thankfully, everytime you refresh the game the death counts goes to zero.

the game is too simplistic, it needs some work done. its way too glitchy. when it glitches and u die u cant even retry, u die or neat it. after death, 1 red gear is gone making the lvl easier-like disappearing spikes but it becomes boring-what is supposed to kill me then, a glitch(it does at times)?

Game sucks,stupid music,tupid adventure,stupid everything!I find too many glitchs and my robot started moving by itself when i just took a break,i checked my keyboard,adn nothing wass stuck so this sucks