Reviews for "LoL Demacia vs Noxus"

Okay, I had no idea at all what to expect from this, but it turned out to be awesome! It was really cool how there was always action going on. Granted, I had little idea who was who, but it didn't matter. I thought there was an ad running, because I kept hearing this audio that didn't seem to fit the cartoon. It turns out it actually was part of the cartoon. The best weapon was easily the sword that flew out (it's hard to put into words).

It's just great to see how relentless these characters are. There's always something going on and it's fun to see how much blood loss these characters can take. I wasn't expecting the characters to live after being stabbed so many times. Then again, I didn't expect any of them to die either. Miccool is probably the best stick flash artist ever.

Thank you so much for making this. Equal parts awe and mirth. Will recommend to friends. All of my 5s.

I saw this during the finals of season 2.

How could you forget Draven and Xin Zhao?? xD

then swain just walks by in the backround... uh fuck that shit... think ill just start an uprising