Reviews for "LoL Demacia vs Noxus"

This was pretty cool! Since I'm a fan of LoL and you did it faithfully, I'll give you the maximum score I'm willing to give to motion-tweened sticks. Good work!

I do enjoy the stick figure style of animation.
Too bad I hate League

The animation and graphics are good... no argument there.

The reason for 2 stars is that stick figure fight animations are so cliche and overused. There are *millions* of these out there... there needs to be some substance or innovation aside from copying *verbatim* styles you see on videogames.

To really make these stick figure anims more than just a "one and done" forgettable compilation, my suggestion is to try developing a new, original fighting style or incorporating more clever and interesting choreography. It will separate you from the crowd.

Great really it is kinda funny and neat
but now for the reasons why i give Half a star
I hate LoL
i really do,see nothing good or fun about it,just being a Warcraft minigame knock off that made it big lucky and good for them but really i hate LoL and anything with it sorry man

Hyun1990 responds:

Mordekaiser es numero uno. huehuehuehuehuehuehue. huehuehuehuehuehuehue