Reviews for "LoL Demacia vs Noxus"

did everybody see a party dude(hyun1990) when galio unleashed his attack and did you see the phrases in the lower corners when the characters were shown oh and who didnt die

that's why i like your animations man, SO $¨%@$¨@ COOL

How do I state this? Hmph, I really, really like your League of Legends stickfigure spotlights. This second one was a great development from the first one, which was silly and linear, while focusing on chains of abilities from champion to champion. You made this a bit more serious and gave some life/character to the abilities/heroes/summoners on both sides. (Props on using the emoticons/sound bits)

I think there has to be a serious underpinning to enhance the humor in something with more length to it (So, kudos to you). And you've made this topical for me by making it as a part of the LoL community. I can only guess at the mix of feelings you had when they showed your work right before the Championship Finals.

epic that was perfect

Lmao I love these. Do more champions please. Wanna see more Caitlyn and maybe Morganna and Fizz too. :)