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Reviews for "Lost Probe"

it's a really good game

Nice work, that was a really good game, the graphics was done very well in all the aspects especially loved the grabbing creepers, nice work on the game play side of things it was a very interesting twist to have the world move, difficulty was good and the sound effects matched over all a very well made game.

Difficulty 2

Graphics 4
Gameplay 4

awesome game mechanics... original game concept and design... horrible audio, overly compressed sounds super cheap and takes away from the experience. Also the music is boring and totally doesn't work. But I love the simplicity of the game and the difficulty progress and upgrade ability... well done!

Good graphics, quite addictive. I like the concept of the organisms, gives this game a nice twist. A few times I found that tapping the left/right keys caused the rotation to spin out of control, and I didn't understand why the probe would bounce up and down when it's on a metal chain... But i'm just being picky. Great game!

The game may not be new, but I had never seen anything like it before. It is a bit hard and frustrating but that is not bad. My only problem is having to use hte mouse to restart a level. A tip to anyone writing a game that requires keyboard control....ALWAYS allow players to control the ENTIRE game with the keyboard. R for restart. Space or Enter to move to the next level. Once you have my fingers on the keys, don't make me take them off again to use the mouse.