Reviews for "Fast Math"

this is some good music. what is it?

This game rocks!!! It is good to take a break from playing games and actually challenge your brain. I've just submitted my record and my Daily record was #1.

I used Math as my submitting name and you can find my name in Hard Mode. Math is fun and easy, I don't understand why people gave low ratings for this game.

YESH!Math Flash Game!
I mlove math and this one is entertaining!

What a shamed that we can't retry,after clicking the Submit Button,the game doesn't go to the main menu.


Ok it's fast and nice. Good as a brain trainer and challenging for the time trial. But of God's sake, it needs an option to deactivate the irritating sound! It's killing my ears. I had to turn my speakers off so that my brain could relax again.

Nice idea, kept me entertained for a little. It feels like it's lacking something though.