Reviews for "TOME Episode 05"


That was an awesome episode! Dumb question: Is that still you voicing Zetto?

OHHHH SHIT!!!!!!!! I was wondering when Zetto would show up. He seems a bit different this time around than from what I remember from the original sprite series. Not just in how he looks, but also his attitude as well. He seems to have more of a suave, cool-headed demeanor now, but Im guessing that might change as the series progresses.

Anyways, good episode as always. I wasn't sure at first, how well you guys would be able to condense down the story from the sprite series (without it feeling rushed or lackluster), but you seem to be doing a good job with the pacing of the plot. I personally feel this will please not just newcomers, but old fans of the original sprite series too.

Anyways, can't to see more guys. =D

P.S. I hope I'm not coming off as someone who's just holding you ONLY to the standards of your old work. I know you, Kirbopher, have come a long way since those days. And in all honesty, I think you've striking a great balance between your established style from the past (story-telling and art wise), and how you've progressed since than. In other words, your current work feels new, but still comfortably familiar. xD

At least that's what I think >__> lol

Completely awesome! I have never seen TTA so I can only judge this by its own merits, but I love it. I am so happy to see the series still going. I love the characters, the "Forbidden Power" and it's nice seeing it having some really dark effect on Alpha. And I imagine the change was not just in-game, but the real Alpha player was controlling th character to hurt Kirb and others. So yeah, kinda scary, completely awesome. Keep up the good work.

the cat!! the freaking cat (or whatever that little curious animal is) is with d-buggers.org!!! it's the pet!! or at least...i think.....that's my opinion! great job!