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Reviews for "Evolvo"

Got to have a sequel, and like that you could evolve to more evolutions, could eat even more things, have bonus, like Spore, even evolve and can reproduce, create a race, dominate other planets XD
I am too much of a dreamer, if i made a game it would be the biggest, coolest and weirdest game EVER!
Anyway congratulations.

poxpower responds:

Well you can make that game. Just become really rich and pay a bunch of nerds to do it.

I like got way to far in the game i think im gonna quit, i see purple menace over there its very easy to get bored with this game.

loved it and i found waldo :D

When I first started playing this I go, "wow, this is a lot like the "fishy" game I used to play before, 30 minutes later, OH WOW THERE'S FISHY FROM "Fishy"!
Also where's the last 3 fish cause I went up and down was still stuck at 73.
Another thing, how do you get a score of 99,955,676 without cheating?!
Fun game!

Great Game! I loved the "Fishy" easter egg, really took me back to playing that game.