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Reviews for "Evolvo"

Excellent Shark! Shark! clone. The cheats are cheap though.

I have to say it is a very fun game, but just a flash version of the game Chowder. It has the same SFX and everything.


poxpower responds:

what the hell is that haha.

Great concept, i instantly remembered the game "Fishy!"

This game kept me going for hours and i've completed every challenge about now.


This type of game has been done to death... but when its done well it still deserves a good score. 4 Stars.

In all true honesty, I wanted to like this game. I really did. It's got a good concept that draws from the basic premise of Pokemon. But here's the thing, after giving it a try three separate times in about a week, I still didn't like it that much. When you first start off, the little fish is moving at an uncontrollable speed, and cuts through the water like some kind of really fast thing. Now, I'm no bio major, but I'm pretty sure that a little fish couldn't paddle THAT fast with it's little flippers. And on the same note, shouldn't evolving be a good thing that improves you? After I improved my agility, I was slower? Why not just make it so that you're already slow from the start and you get faster with better control over time? Please make a sequel to this, so that you can show us what you're really capable of.

poxpower responds:

I am making a sequel : p
It's almost done now. PM me if you want to beta test it.