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Reviews for "Evolvo"

Awesome game. It reminds me of some other game like this....in fact, I found the fish from that game........and Waldo!!!

AQERIM DOES NAWT WORK besides great game 4 stars

reminds me of donkey kong country 3 :D

Good game, but even using Invincible cheat, there's always a freaking fish to eat me seconds later.

It's a decent game but there are some gameplay issues you should be aware of:

1) You can't eat Lobsters after a certain size, you can't get close enough to the bottom to register being in eating range even if your sprite touches them.

2) The game's hazards and upgrades don't stop when you pause. I left the game (on insane if it matters) to go eat dinner. I came back and there was a solid wall of upgrades quickly followed by a solid wall of Hazardous Waste barrels.

3) Possibly related to #2: but fishing nets just NEVER LEAVE (I should clarify: they eventually leave, but they take nearly forever to do so and are nearly always replaced by one or two more when they do). In the time it took me to beat the game on Insane (a good 45 minutes or so) there was a solid wall of nets (at least 5, often more) at the bottom at near all times. After reaching a certain size they seemed to stop actually mattering to my fish, but they still cluttered the screen with their flashing danger circles and tow lines in the upper regions of the ocean.

4) Aquarium mode doesn't seem to actually do anything. No fish spawn and it doesn't seem possible to move the camera with the arrow keys. (or WASD)

poxpower responds:

All fixed in the "plus" version.