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Reviews for "Evolvo"

Amusing. It's addicting and gets really fun as you evolve. FAVED AND 5 STARS.

Gobs of fun. Lots better that the old boring fishy. No bugs or lag or any of that other stuff that the losers using internet explorer are always complaining about. People gotta try something else. (firefox)


So addictive! One of best games ever!!!!

Wow......NO SERIOUSLY WOW! LOL. Yeahhh....that pretty much sums up how awesomely much I like this game XD. So...... continuing from what Jdietz43 said about the 'less awesome parts of the game', here are a couple of bugs that I found and a suggestions that POSSIBLY can improve the game.....or not.

- A rather funny bug I found out that occurs when you choose to change what fish you want to play as instead of your regular one. Once you SUPERSIZE it and returns back to normal it swims/eats/moonwalks the other seadwellers with its...ass (or whatever you call it)

- Because its easy to get a lot of bonus blocks of all kinds on easy mode (well duh) you end up reaching your final evolution pretty quickly however the problem starts from there. IF and I repeat IF you end up choosing the 3rd option to evolve on the corresponding levels (4, 8 and 12) while you have already attained your final state through bonus blocks....then your 'fish ' ends up disappearing during the evolution animation and simply nothing shows up at all. After this has happened once then from that point on a '4 points maxed out' wont appear anymore, instead (assume you start from level 4 and onwards) EACH lvl you reach from here on out will it be possible to 'evolve' again and it adds up from there on. (In other words the blank screen evolving process keeps repeating IF you choose to invest your points in it)

- What I think would be good if you added an eating animation for ALL the fishes.... or simply do them one by one and then update your game over time either way it would be awesome if you did something like this.

- Defining the lines between what can be touched and what cannot more clearly. No seriously it would help imo as much as the 'eat' sign does. (SERIOUSLY good job on that btw.....without it I would have had to gauge the fishes that I can and cannot eat through trial and error alone which would be quite a pain in the ass because the looks/sizes of some fishes were VERY deceiving. Example: I could eat a Hatchet Fish much larger then me easily but a puny little Gulper Eel not? LOLWUT 0_o...........or this could simply also be another part of the 'eat' sign suddenly disappearing bug?)

Anyway thats that,

Newgrounder4 over and out.

poxpower responds:

That's all fixed in the "plus" version. Wee