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Reviews for "Evolvo"

Cool. Played this successfully on here about a year ago before I had no account. Not really feeling it enough to go through it all again for the medals now, may be later. Love how you added that fish from the well-known fishy game... Not sure what it's called but I'm sure you know which one I mean. I like this version better, though!

I triggered some kind of bug where first two crab cages came at the same time from opposite ends. Then a huge row of tons of all the powerups dropped down and I took one. Then tons of those toxic barrels came down in a horizontal line. After that I couldn't collect powerups for a while as they'd just go right through the fish.

Pretty cool bug (If it helps I had the game paused for a while, unpaused to continue play, and this happened)

i like this game :D

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lol i found Wally XD good game and pretty fun , i love these kind of games