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Reviews for "Evolvo"

Awesome game, is there any place i can find the music?

top 10 best game

Love the game itself and the concept however a huge oversight or bug is making it unplayable for me. Whether it's just terrible overlapping or just plain glitches please work out the EAT symbol because I've been eaten several time by thing labeled "EAT"

people was commenting about finding waldo, where is he? also good game

The game is great, that dodging at the beginning of a game is really challenging! I got one question though: does this game makes it possible to get medals after entering a cheat code? I entered the endingvolvo code in one game to get the first medal and check how does it work, obviously the game ended and when I selected the hardest difficulty next time during the game I got the Xpert medal. I beat it anyway, finally eating all the possible fish, but should it work this way? I think it is rather some kind of a bug.