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Reviews for "Tee the Tree"

It's quite a decent animation, and I love the message. It's a shame so many people don't believe in global warming and protecting the enviroment. Big companies have polititions in thier pockets. Few people are making new hydrogen powered cars or finding ways to reduce plastic use......
Know what, I'm just rambling. Here's 5 stars, you deserve em :)

LittleLuckyLink responds:

Hehe thanks. Yeah I've been concerned with the environment for a while, which is why I was happier to take on this job. It was unsettling when I was looking through some of those pictures, especially the one of the dead fish.

cool movie

the pictures used could have been a higher resolution. but good otherwise. score adjusted

LittleLuckyLink responds:

seems like a pretty big factor to have marked your score down so significantly


It was decent. The animation wasn't horrible, and the sound effects weren't either.