Reviews for "Factory Rush"

After playing for a while, items i placed in the shipping dock wouldn't get me money anymore even after i sold the dock and tried putting in a new one. also give us workers to carry boxes to the shipping dock or something so we don't have to click everything a million times... good concept though.

This game is very addictive only needs medals, i only have 1 thing to say, Good job 5 Stars!!!

I like it, nice to look at and plays well.

Maybe in any future editions you can add workers to automate the processes and perhaps perform maintenance on the machinery, Maybe you might be able to find a way to upgrade your factory into either a clean high tech lab or a dirty heavy industrial workhouse and have to broker deals between customers or suppliers...

Just some thoughts, but it really is a great game, thanks!


I can see how this could be good, but at the moment it's too much repetition and eyesore and too little management.