Reviews for "Factory Rush"

Fun little game

Was fun at first then it got repitive. Would have been interesting it you could have either bought dock hands or conveyor belts to help transfer the crates to the docks.

Kind of slow going which is ok and repititive. What the heck am I even producing?? It looks like crumpled balls of paper?

i guess this was fun...but where do i even put the crates?! i'll give this a 3/5

Ok it was a really good game, it was well made the concept was brilliant but, the game play at first is cool but once you get to five machines its just a frantic mess, my advice is either add conveyor belts to take it to the trucks or give us different types of workers as well like for each machine type or each with a different job, just some thing to carry the boxes to the truck

Graphics 4
Gameplay 2.5