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Reviews for "Sleazy Desert Rampage"

wyf with the description? and this is not a game, you just hold the mouse button and sleep while the unlimited ammo flow kills everyone... and pixel graphics, huh.....

this game was way too random and lazy, you didn't took an effort into this thing at all...

Yes, the test medal keeps popping up but nothing about the 100 points.

Although this game is really basic, I enjoyed the graphics and comedy aspect of it all.
Not to mention the fact that Sammy Stud looks suspiciously like Ryu from SFII haha.
I received all the medal gets!
Those damn Slutty Susies got to me!

This is a really weird game. Just hold down the mouse and jiggle it left and right. The Slutty Susie's don't stand a chance. And this may be nitpicking, but why is Sammy Stud, a karate instructor, using a gun? Also why is he waiting until marriage to have sex? And is that a pyramid in the background. Where are we? Why does it matter that Sammy is from Arizona? And now, the most important question of all: Why is the screen so tiny!? It's a good thing this was so easy to play because I can barely see what's going on. Was that really necessary? At the very least an option to make the screen bigger would have been nice, but no, I don't even get that. This game was a bizarre snoozefest to play. I give it one star just for existing. This should go straight to the Spam category on Newgrounds.

It won't give me any Medals when I earn them.

GimmeSumJava responds:

Yes it will...