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Reviews for "Sleazy Desert Rampage"

an enormous bug with the "test medal"

The medals are bugged ; the test medal keeps popping up and even when I score 500 and 1000 points I didn't get any medal

Slutty Susie?
Check that but imma gonna kill her you fat ass D:<!

At first, the game looked horrid; small screen and too simple a concept. However, I found the story pointless, but hilarious, and the gameplay so terrible I found it addicting and fun. Such a random game but definitely underestimated. The game is not meant to be serious and I like that. 3.5/5

First off, There was no challenge to this game. Just hold in the mouse button and move the mouse back and forth. Secondly. The plot makes no sense at all. The screen for the game is so tiny . All I can say is give the game a bit more difficulty and polish it up some.