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Reviews for "Bugongo"

This is one addictive action platformer with it's beautiful level and character designs(Fiercesome,yet cute-looking armless dragon protecting its egg,maybe it is an Armlessarus Rex?)and a simple and quite realistic plot too(it goes to show the dangers of the outside world for animal species.)The levels has plenty of room to explore except that the continously rolling egg prevents the player from wandering off too far(Who knew that eggsiting was eggstremely hard?)meaning that finding a hidden room has to be done quickly once the egg is blocked.The gold coins,unfortunately,seem to have no real value here as they are found and only saved which,on the positive side,makes getting the medals easier but on the negative side,unable to buy upgrades to improve the character's and egg's skills(The dragon could bite or breathe out fire,maybe?)so powerups do not need to be depended upon so much.Anyway,the game is excellent in this way with or without a shop,because it is fun and engaging.Good work and hope that a second part is coming with different characters.

good platformer

Definitely enjoyed this game. 5/5.

This is really amazing in every possible way. Sound, graphics, and game play are all top notch. Great job

This game seems simple at first, but is actually very challenging. For players who want to be the best, it is also complicated because you have to balance speed with taking time out to gather extra items. So far, I have only played through the first world, but the first boss seemed rather easy and simple compared to the rest of the game. I would have preferred a slightly harder boss. The medals you earn are pretty typical. I personally really like to earn medals and the like, but all of the medals in this game will probably be earned from just a single play-through of the game; there aren't any towards which you specifically have to work. Good animation, fault allowance, and core idea; I'll be looking forward to finishing the game!