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Reviews for "Bugongo"

So you got it sponsored :) congratulations.
It's still a very awesome game.

The gameplay is original, fun and challenging. I also really enjoyed the art style, i think it's truly charming.

Not a bad game although there are one or two problems for example the controls are annoying my opinion and there are too many glitches where you go through the floor and have to escape the level and start again. This usually happens when you dash on a hill going upwards.

Other then that it's a good game but the frustration I suffered at the hands of the glitches made it too annoying to play for me.

you sir have made one fantastic game here i really love it, and on top of that it reminds me of one of my favorite video games of all time Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, so 5 stars for you peace

This is a good game. I can really get into. I like how its easy to follow yet provides a challenge if I could change just two things it would maybe be to switch around the controls by making speed up X and slow down Z and having jump be up and dash would be a double tap or at least have there be a control configuration in the options (to be honest I didn't check). the other thing is that for the name why not just have the option to type out the Name instead of selecting the letters by hand.