Reviews for "BEEBO SFA"


This is great
beebo rulez
you are the best

AAAANNNND to everyone who thinks the deadly gun fight is impossible KNOW THIS!
It Isnt!
I just shut out beebo 20 to NOTHIN!
Oh yea
harry rulez

Whee! So much fun!! ^_^

This was a very fun game! I never thought I could give anything on NG a perfect 10! ....Y'know, they should make a Beebo TV show. All they'd need are some better animators. ¬.¬ No offense. But anyway....yeah. I really liked this game. And it was just as funny as the flash movies. Keep up the good work! I'm votin' for ya! ^_-


altho it wasnt as i thought i still liked it enough to give it a 10
that shootout is incredibly hard i dont think i ever got him once!
but i like the extreme skate boarding and the ping pong is kinda easy..GOOD WORK!!! make more movies tho ><


I first played it about 2 years ago on its other site along with African Detroit Cop, Funkey Town and Shopping For Death. I think then you only had what, up to Bebo 7? Still, back then, I simply sucked. I couldn't get past Bathed Retard. I finally made it to Macguyver, then that GODDAMN BABY KILLED ME! >:O

Heh heh...LockeTerra is my hotmail address, someone e-mail me and tell me what comes after Macguyver...Ciao.


I luv these games I made a crazy bugeyed hockey player and beat Beebo 15 points up in pingpong. But gunfight is rly hard I only evar shot im once. Still, great game. U should make a movie about our good friend the Beebster.