Reviews for "BEEBO SFA"

lol one of the rankings was gay hitler

lol one of the rankings for the ex skater was gay hitle, lol i liked all but agred with last guy, weres his helment and plunger?!?!?!?!?!
also u shold have been abel to be beebo some of the times!!


I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Dear god, i couldnt play any of them good cause i was laughing my ass off, and on the skateboarding thing i couldnt get passed gay hitler cause i always fell down laughing MY FUCKING ASS OFF!!! But i OWNED beebo in piung pong and gun fight, i love them hitler jokes, KEEP EM COMIN...guy who made this.

Ima Rapping Shaq

atleast on the skatebored challenge =o

man that was THE single meanest game on newgrounds

Harry is way better than beebo,he always brings a tear to my eye


I love Beebo!

Does anyone have a list of the ratings you get in Death Skater?

I only have Filthy Retard, King Of France, Bathed Retard, Baked Potato, Gimp, Frank Stalone and Gay Hitler