Reviews for "BEEBO SFA"

I kicked ass!!

That game was like the kewlest ever!! It took me about 45 minutes straight, but i finally flew right by Christopher Walken and straight to Extreme Death Skater...thanks to a glitch when i was comin off a rail that let me glide by it all...but it was great!! Two index fingers up!!


This is my favorite game on all of newgrounds. I love this thing.....even though its so incredibly hard to shoot beebo. I love the movies too make many many more beebo stuff.

That was so fun

Beebo is teh 1337!

Ping pong is funny

Skateboarding rules, i got "extreme death skater"
If you jump, grind, and attack at the same time, and do it right, you can glitch it and you just keep on going forever (right through obsticles).
Funny names like "Jesus with a stick" and "Jesus with two sticks"


gun foght is to fucking hard man way to hard and why there any more beebo episodes coming in?