Reviews for "BEEBO SFA"


that was coool... not the best game but... good mini games! :)

Beebo rules!!!

Great game. Customizing Harry and being able to use him in the ohter games like that was a nice touch. My only gripe is how insanely hard it is to shoot Beebo. I'm fairly sure it rides more on luck than actual skill; and if skill is involved you must psychic or Jesus... or psychic Jesus. Keep'em coming, Fab...

Kick ass...

dude this game is awesome and funny as shit. it's just a bitch that youdont have any sound yet. but it doesn't bother me that much. anyways thanks for this kick ass game... Keep up the cool work..


I got jeasus with a stick on the skateboarding

John is a great artist

What's the highest rank you've gotten? I got Extreme Death Skate with a score close to 345000. Wonderful game.