Reviews for "BEEBO SFA"

Duran Duran

That was the highest I got. I dont think they should be considered better than MacGuyver though.


I first played it about 2 years ago on its other site along with African Detroit Cop, Funkey Town and Shopping For Death. I think then you only had what, up to Bebo 7? Still, back then, I simply sucked. I couldn't get past Bathed Retard. I finally made it to Macguyver, then that GODDAMN BABY KILLED ME! >:O

Heh heh...LockeTerra is my hotmail address, someone e-mail me and tell me what comes after Macguyver...Ciao.


Bathed retard...

Baked potatoe...

Gay hitler.....

Jesus with a stick...


Great game. A must play. If you don't I will ride on a skatboard in my underwear and slap you in the face with a filthy smoking cat.

P.S: Dude, why are you stopping beebo? It's so awesome! ):


I got angry cajun then a danm Polar bear got me as I was on the rail, darn.

try your luck!


cool crap