Reviews for "BEEBO SFA"


Ok this is all supossed be funny I like em and the last dude was anilizing it to much

stupid game

dude this game s**s some of the games were good like that skating and ping pong but the shooting was too hard cause you cant ewen freaking shoot the beebo cause he moves too fast and he ewen shoots too fast so i say"this game was pretty old and lame"

ummm how many levels are there?

Uhhh how many flippin levels are there on the skater?? I made it to Giraldo Rivera wich was pretty good i asume. But anyway pretty good game not much more you can do to it without screwin up its Beeboness. So just wonderin how many levels there are.


Okay its enough beebo has gone to far, I like this stuff as much as the next guy but really...stick to cartoons

Hard game

THis game is alright but its not that good and most of the games are impossible like the gunfight game.