Reviews for "BEEBO SFA"

The rankings

I love this game. I played it for 2 hours and i still couldnt get a really high score. The next rankings arehandsome pedophile, tony danza, soccer player and polish army recruit at 80000, 90000, 100000 and 120000 points respectively, and you get super dave something at 150000 points but some bastard baby got me as i came off a rail b4 i saw what it was. Man I hate those things. Still, my overweight, battle-axe wielding, bear-man-thing skateboarder landed on the baby's head. Guess I showed him...


I love Beebo!

Does anyone have a list of the ratings you get in Death Skater?

I only have Filthy Retard, King Of France, Bathed Retard, Baked Potato, Gimp, Frank Stalone and Gay Hitler


Jesus with a stick.. baby. Stop hurting Beebo! lolz

nice game

after I got to polish army recruit I wondered if the game ends cause all the other ones end at 20 points and u win but that one seems to go one forever does it even stop if anyone beats it tell me how many points you got so I know how long to play

btw if your having problems on the gun fight right click and click forword and your mouse will show even behind the couch, its easy mode so dont get to proud of yourself and dont over use it


Cool Game Man

I got to Rappin Shaq on the skater game