Reviews for "BEEBO SFA"


it never ceased to entertain me. and i like the idea of putting several mini-games into a single flash. although some of the ideas have been done before, it never loses its originality because of the fact that you've successfully incorprated materials in the movie with the mini-games. you have created an element of surprise and this game makes its players hunger for more.
and in case you wonder, the highest rank you can achieve is 'extreme death skater', which is at 350000 points. after 400000 points or so, you'll start getting messages like 'stop playing' , 'you're just showing off' and 'nobody is impressed' and things like that. i finally decided to quit at 450000 points. (which proves how addicting the game can be!)took me a full 15 minutes and a great deal of concentration to actually get that far though.


this game is always awesome,the highest level I got to on the Extreme Death Skater game was Scary Knife Collector

Really fun

This was funny!

fun game

i love it good job : )


I luv these games I made a crazy bugeyed hockey player and beat Beebo 15 points up in pingpong. But gunfight is rly hard I only evar shot im once. Still, great game. U should make a movie about our good friend the Beebster.