Reviews for "Pocket Creature PVP"

its like patapong, minus the player input, and minus the fun..

The is uphul,it's repetitev and boring after a while and there's nothing fress about the game.

It's not a bad idea but we REALLY need a "skip battle" button, or at least a 16* speed since there's absolutely no point in watching them.

Also, I think you've drastically misunderstood the point of the medals. They're meant to be a challenge for those playing the game, not for those obsessed with it. I'm just up to 500,000+ gold and I've noticed the mark is 5 mil. That's ridiculous... There's not even anything to spend it on!

...Though maybe it would make sense if that "level 45 on endless" medal weren't actually impossible. I understand you made changes to stop people getting an infinite game with Romeo-S, and I'm guessing you made them too far in the other direction. As it is now it should be chest every 10 levels and the medal at 30, because 45? Not happening. With my Juliet-S/3 Shadowkillers/Devourer (gemmed-up as recommended) I can occasionally make it to level 32-33 but still average below 20. Other suggested combinations do a lot worse.

The sound/music is a little annoying, the game levels are unbalanced, it's frustrating that the max gem level is relatively low and that the medal is the only reward for reaching the max (it'd be nice if, say, completing 2 branches game a bonus gem), and the battles... There MUST be a better way to set those out visually. The art style the game has is quite striking but is wasted when all the characters are piled on top of each other. Speaking of creatures, it'd be nice if they seemed at all weighted towards giving me ones I DON'T have from chests. Is there even a limit on how many times a certain one can be obtained? It'd be nice if we could trade spares in somehow or another, maybe a mini-game to up our odds of getting the ones we still need.

So yes, it's not terrible and I'll probably aim for the "all 5 races" medal before stopping, but it should have been a lot better.

ntfusion responds:

Thanks a lot for your feedback! It's of great help that you let us know what you think about this game.. We'll try to improve it!

The style is beautiful, but I don't liked the gameplay. You do nothing during battles and you have very little customization. You can easy set a killer team, like other players have done, and win without doing nothing. If you try another combo of monsters, you will never win..

-Needs sorting mechanism for monster inventory (i.e. by class, etc.)
-Gameplay gets stale fast.
-The money/gem exp curves and system need tweaking. I had way too much excess money and nothing to use it on.
-PvP should have a draw dynamic where if neither opponent wins within a certain time, the game is drawn. (I've had never-ending matches where I had to resign just to end it).
The biggest drawback is the non-skill based nature of the game. Sure, it's more appealing to more gamers since it's noob-friendly, but it needs to have some dynamic that makes it more than just "click start and watch". Items? More upgrades? It needs something to engage the player more.
-I'm not sure how balanced the gem system is. Honestly, Speed and Elasticity is a joke of an attribute. Many scenarios they are actually detriments to your team.
Sorry, the RPG element up exp and evolving is the only appeal of the game. Visual style was nice but game is lacking.