Reviews for "Pocket Creature PVP"

its like patapong, minus the player input, and minus the fun..

a game to play when theres plenty free time ...

Fun game, however the sounds and music were recycled from Ganguru Girl... :( so you get minus 1 1/2 stars for that.

so really fun game but how on earth do you get past 45 levels on endless? i can barely make it past 17. i thought getting juliet S was hard but i managed to do that, but maybe I'm just not getting a good enough strategy for endless. also, juliet S seems kind of lackluster. I don't know if the other juliets are any different but she really doesn't do enough damage to be useful in any way.

the way i beat it under 100 days for juliet S was a Scarface with speed gems, an entropy alien with the max speed gem, a firedragon with health gems, a shadowdragibn with max attack gems, and a romeo i picked up on the last stage of emperors tomb. before i picked up romeo i used a firedragon and a shadowkiller interchangeably in its place.

also my medals dont seem to be unlocking but thats minor.

yaaay i beat the game and got juliet-c yaaaay