Reviews for "Pocket Creature PVP"

-Needs sorting mechanism for monster inventory (i.e. by class, etc.)
-Gameplay gets stale fast.
-The money/gem exp curves and system need tweaking. I had way too much excess money and nothing to use it on.
-PvP should have a draw dynamic where if neither opponent wins within a certain time, the game is drawn. (I've had never-ending matches where I had to resign just to end it).
The biggest drawback is the non-skill based nature of the game. Sure, it's more appealing to more gamers since it's noob-friendly, but it needs to have some dynamic that makes it more than just "click start and watch". Items? More upgrades? It needs something to engage the player more.
-I'm not sure how balanced the gem system is. Honestly, Speed and Elasticity is a joke of an attribute. Many scenarios they are actually detriments to your team.
Sorry, the RPG element up exp and evolving is the only appeal of the game. Visual style was nice but game is lacking.

Great game, but i just wish there were more upgrades

Great game.
I rlly like to play this game its very funny the only thing that turns me down is the "endless swirl" its more luck than strategy or maybe i just sucks on that lol.

This is a great example and a testament to the ongoing debate that says a game does not need fancy graphics for it to be fun. I'm a person of peculiar taste in "sandbox" sort of games where outcomes are virtually endless, so I'm having a lot of fun right now. Thanks for the great game.

The is uphul,it's repetitev and boring after a while and there's nothing fress about the game.