Reviews for "Pocket Creature PVP"

i remember playing this game on newgrounds some time ago.

is this a reupload ?
i want this checked out by admins.

ntfusion responds:

Hi rsbuddy, this is a totally new version of Pocket Creature with PVP system. :) And it has even more creatures and a new gem system!

I thought this was a pretty cool game. The only thing I didn't like was how it escalated pretty quickly, but most games are like that nowadays anyway. It was quite convienient to simply be able to let the game play for you. At least one of my medals showed up. I thought the designs of all the monsters were pretty creative. It was nice how you made them all different.

The music was also fairly cool and set up the game well. I don't even remember the original Pocket Creature. I probably reviewed it at some point and forgot about it. My favorite was probably the Variant, as he seemed to last the longest. Don't be fooled, this game gets harder.

i reached emperors tomb nice game

It is the nicest game I ever played!

= I am so hooked on this game it's ridiculous..