Reviews for "Pocket Creature PVP"

This game is great. The graphics are awesome, and I like the story behind it. The creatures look okay and it's not too over the top like other games. I enjoyed it! :)

i can't get past the last lvl :( any help on possible teams?

nice game and artwork, but the screens load a little slow however ths s only a minor flaw in a geat game

Because my poor English I can say much, all I can say is that I can't stop playing this game, what a addiction. I really want to give you more than 5 stars for taking my time! Only one thing make me sad that the game is freaking laggy when there are many enemies, even if I set quality to low. After level 20 in Endless Swirl mode, the game is slow like hell. Anyway, great game! And sorry for my English.

wow good

I LOVE this game. Its a fun game of skill, and training monsters to become these amazing creatures. The artwork is fantastic with everything. The originality with the monsters are at their finest. the music is good, and I love just about everything with the game. Then why a 4.5? Its too short to have a 5. Id love to see at least a few more levels. And maybe a bit for monsters, not from the crates, but more from the origins, because just the 4 beginners is to little, maybe 6 or 7. But for what it is, its amazing. I give it a 4.5/5