Reviews for "Pocket Creature PVP"


amazing, like a strategy pokemon game.

wish their was a random pvp setting, how ever.

Also having troubles with the last stage, and i tried a lot of combos...

Any suggestions? Im trying to use 3 aliens and some bulky monsters..


I like the shamelessly similar aspects this game shares with Patapon.

gota catch them all! love it!
it is an amazing, cute and addicting game - which reminds me of my old pokemon gameboy days ^^. more than 5/5 ,very much, deserved!

Seems to me like the perfect IPhone game (or is it already one...) I really like the art, music and (fluid) programming, along with the (fighting) animations. The only problem is I got bored real fast, as there's not much to it and I all do I evolve and attach gems...and go to hunting land (too many times).