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Reviews for "Clockhouse Theater"

A marvelous compilation of classic vhs horror. I wet my pants no less than five times throughout the flash!

Good job everybody!

This is the greatest and best video movie show I've ever seen. Keep up the good work, y'all swill merchants.

a good collab.

i liked this alot, and i was proud to be a part of it. i hope that somebody liked my part, too!
also: absinthe's part was the best, along with pop-tart's, with it's epic hats, and great music.
vuvuzela's part was. EHH, a tad long, and without any sound, but the ending was VERY COOL, so, it was rewarding, because it was very unexpected.
also, the part about wii eating everyone, and the cameo, of blob, and mightyboosh-clock, was quite fun, all the while, i must add, PEZ-clock's part was pure fun,a nd quallity (wii vs the WORLD, lol), and also, phantom cat's part was AWESOME, and i liekd the flashing of the lights, when the thunders struck in the backgrounds, a funny story.
(is phantom cat a new clock? i dont recall him before...)

anyway, a great collab, THO! it needed a SCENE SELECTION MENU!!!
and some neat preloader, this one was too creepy, and simple, yeah..

that is all. 5'd.

It's great Clock-O-Weed entertainment.