Reviews for "Madness: Will It Slice?"

not bad 5/10

Hey haters, don't you wanna stop sitting on your asses and insult other games? Maybe they aren't so good at making games. In fact why don't you make a game?

Very Bad. I will kill IstvanOrosi.

Unoriginal concept, sub-par blood and gore, crappy animation, almost no customization, weapon sucks, all of the enemies look the same, stuck with one weapon, horribly bland level design, no story, and unfair enemies. This is - at best - a crappy timewaster that I wouldn't even put on my phone. This doesn't deserve the three stars it has, and I'm pretty sure it was just made to piggyback off of Madness. If this is your first game, keep trying, but this sucks pretty bad.

Pico will slice was much better than this. you cant slice them if s body is in front of it. god damn it.