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Reviews for "Madness: Will It Slice?"

Will it slice?


Very nice game

so this was a nice game The weapon mechanic was really nice and pretty intense, the graphics are pretty nice and the music is rock solid so really nice game you have here, the medals were a nice touch here, you have some great game programing so props to you on such a nice game here.

Seems like when the enemy guys are falling you cant kill them and when your directly on top of them but could be nothing


this it's very hard cause

1) the zombies dies by a shoot on the body and not on the head (like in all the games of zombies).

2) when you try to shoot the body of the zombies the hand stop the shoot with his hitbox and you try to shoot again and you die.

3) you cannot kill more that one zombie at one shoot.

4) the zombies are more fast that you.

siiiiiii god