Reviews for "Tribot Fighter"

One of the best fighting games I played here. The transformation animations are stunning and the mid game changing of playstyle keep it fresh. Cheers!

It's a very interesting and well-made fighting games which I've seen on Newgrounds :) Great job ;)

I didn't completely understand the name "Tribot Fighter", i thought the goal was to beat the other 2 robots, but when i read the description and watched the intro.... I was suprised, a true balance of three fighters and the game itself is challenging.

Bravo, friend,bravo, i could feel that you really placed alot of hardwork in this. And by the way, nice story and R1 is my fave,I like him being the fastest.( and i think that he;s overpowered)

Really got into it, but it was really challenging, especially when your surrounded by tons and that one robot is the same color as you. I saw some strategy involved here actually, I fought those long lanky robots with R3, becuase R1 reach was way to short. Good job.

good game but in the yellow level no one reaches that floor can you tell me :3