Reviews for "DONUT GET!"

good game

:Me like:

Great game
I can feel the amount of hours you guys put into this

Its awesome as usual, and thanks for sending me the link!!

That was a helluva lot more fun than i expected it to be

Well, this was another weird game. The funny thing is that I was actually eating a giant cookie before I played this. I guess I liked this because it had such a fun spirit to it. I have no idea how you're supposed to get most of the medals. It was really cool when you got the medals that were down on the side of the screen like that. Doughnuts aren't really Halloween food.

Dang, was it fun just bouncing on those people over and over. Eating 363 doughnuts is good enough for me to get fired! I didn't even understand how I didn't get to the main level the first time. The sound effects were nice too. I liked the sound of the doughnuts being eaten.